What is LAMP-360

LAMP stands for: Lead Automated Marketing Process. We help companies sell more, grow faster at less cost; we simplify and automate customer acquisition and retention processes.

LAMP contains many features for inbound and outbound marketing. The type of software known as marketing automation and content marketing software, it also unique in that it also includes all the functionality associated with CRM (Customer Relationship Management), totally integrated.

LAMP is essentially a process not a complicated toolkit which means business can set up quickly without having to worry about configuring hundreds of options and rules. Over time, experienced users can control more complicated processes.

There are many applications of LAMP but predominantly these are important customer facing processes such as lead generation or lead nurturing. Hence LAMP is about initiating, converting and managing the ongoing relationships with prospects and customers.


Why did we build LAMP-360

  • many years conducting email marketing campaigns, generating leads and sales
  • an understanding that marketing is hard work and requires lots of skills and resource
  • experience of working with multiple systems and processes
  • an increasing need to improve and simplify the process for sales and marketing teams
  • a desire to enhance the experience for prospects and customers alike



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